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Übersetzung benötigt, bitte


Traducción necesitada, por favor


Перевод нужно, пожалуйста

This page will help you to create a page in the standard Ryzom Forge format.

Why that?

The very first reason is the management of multilingualism. The site is intended to be multicultural, like Ryzom, whose five official languages are currently (2014) English, French, German, Spanish and Russian.

Not everybody is bilingual, even less polyglot, and, moreover, it is well-known that you express yourself better in your daily language (usually your mother-tongue).

Another reason is the fusion of several sites into one. Ryzom Forge was created during the merge of the Lore and Encyclopatys. Each site represents a point of view of the Ryzom universe, as if all the ryzomians were meeting to be, as the case may be, writers, machinists, actors or spectators. It is therefore nice to move from one "universe" to another in the same visual environment.

Finally, everyone does not want to invest in the art of Mediawiki, because days have only 24 hours.

If you are not familiar with Mediawiki or Wikipedia you can read this guide (to be translated).

Start by creating your page (aka article) following the steps below:

  1. in the page Search: field, at the top right, write the title you want to give to your new page; if the article already exists, either you will want to improve and enrich its content, or to create a whole new article an then you will have to find another title;
  2. if there is no page with the title you have chosen, then click on this red-marked title in the message at the top of the Search results page: Create the page "Chosen title" on this wiki!;
  3. copy in your new English page the following command line:
  4. save immediately this page holding this one and only line;
  5. reopen this just saved page that will then contain the required skeleton allowing you to go on with your work.

Keep it up!

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