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Shape handles.png Function name : weAShapeManager_v2
WeAShapeManager IG

WeAShapeManager allows to pop objects in Ryzom. Here, a magic bag back appears levitating above the character.

WeAShapeManager Main Window
  • 1) clear
  • 2) shapes: Any quantity of objects may be added. They are described below:
  • 3) [commun] The internal name of the function. This name is useful for jumps, loops ...
  • shape: <an_object>.ps
  • shapeName: Name given to the object.
  • shapeUrl: THIS&bag
  • texture:
  • posX: X absolute position in the map of Ryzom.
  • posY: Y absolute position in the map of Ryzom.
  • posZ: Z absolute position in the map of Ryzom.
  • posA: Angle around Z axis.
  • scale: Default = 1.

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