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перевод, пожалуйста.

The Craft of the tribes suggests new crafts based on tribes tools.

Crafting of the tribal weapons

There are various in game visuals for the weapons of the tribes. However, those weapons aren't available to the players.

The master crafter of each tribe will be able to give a mission to the players to teach them how to create the weapon of his tribe. To access that mission, the fame the player has with the tribe will need to be high (80+). The first challenge will be to have a good reputation with the tribe and that means long hours in the game. There will also be an appropriate required level inherent to the zone.

The master crafter will then send the player to collect various materials that are more or less hard to find, then will teach him a new crafting plan. Stats wise, it will be the same as other weapons in the game. It will need to be decided if they are treated as generic or if they're linked to the region. That second option is less likely to unbalance things, which is a real risk to the game. To be tested carefully.

This project requires more skills (create the plans, the mission, insert it in the game) and more people to become viable. It requires the collaboration of the whole community. Some people will write the missions, others will create the datasheets, others will design the missing weapons or add textures for medium or high plan. Of course, each project will be read and verified on the test server before being put into play. This time, it'll be a "real" addition to the content, creating more missions and plans on the server.

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