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перевод, пожалуйста.


Level design is the reflection about what makes a land alive, rich and challenging for the players. It includes the background, the story of the place that the players will discover step by step (rites, amber cubes), the ecosystem (mobs, agro zones, patrols, cartography, mats), but also the interactions they can have with the zone itself and its inhabitants (NPCs, tribes, quests, missions.

Aim of the group

  • Create new missions' scenarios.

Volunteeers to contact on IRC or ingame mail

  • PtitBill [FR(/en)] - ptitbill@ryzom.com

  • DaemonIxus [FR(/en)] - daemonixus@ryzom.com
  • Cerulean [EN] - cerulean@ryzom.com
  • Goki [EN] - goki@ryzom.com
  • Kewanee [FR(/en)] - kewanee@ryzom.com
  • Lycimima [FR/EN] - lycimima@ryzom.com
  • Wiedii [FR/EN] - wiedii@ryzom.com

  • Deed [FR]
  • Erminantius [FR]
  • Remigra [DE]
  • sagaofbastien [FR]
  • Sandro [PO/FR]
  • Virg [EN]
  • Zakkk [FR]
  • Zendae [FR]

Meetings report


Being finalized

Missions ideas under study

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