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перевод, пожалуйста.

How to test a new appart object (in .shape)?

  • 1 - Create the .shape (ex tasse_matis.shape)
  • 2- In "user": copy the NewObjectName.shape, rename it in MA_appart_chaise_00.shape (to see it in a Matis appartment, otherwise replace this .shape by another one in the list below)
  • 3 - Go ingame and see how looks the modified object.

Sheetnames for all available apartment objects


bed - FY_Acc_Lit.shape

table - FY_Acc_Table_appart_joueur.shape

stool - Fy_Acc_Tabouret_A_appart.shape

wardrobe - FY_Acc_Armoire.shape

campfire -

wall lamp - FY_Acc_AppliqueMurale_A_1.shape /


bed - MA_appart_lit.shape

table - MA_appart_table_01.shape

stool - MA_appart_chaise_00.shape

wardrobe - MA_appart_coffre.shape

flower - MA_appart_fleure.shape

wall lamp -


bed - TR_Acc_Lit.shape

table - tr_acc_table.shape

stool - tr_acc_pouf.shape

wardrobe - TR_Acc_Arrmoire.shape

barrel of beer - TonneauClosed02.shape

wall lamp -


bed - ZO_Acc_Lit.shape

table - ZO_table.shape

stool - ZO_chaise_01.shape

wardrobe - ZO_Acc_Armoire.shape

sphere with insects- ZO_bt_mon_flare_couloir.shape

wall lamp - Zo_table_lampe.shape/


  • Note 1: that won't work if you're not on the official server with an access to the Rybambel stuff: by default, every objects in the flat are hidden.'
  • Note2: Do NOT rename the relative texture file, only the .shape!

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