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Übersetzung , bitte.


Traducción, por favor.


Traduction, SVP.


перевод, пожалуйста.


For each armor, the vest sheetname is the only one listed. See the following table to get the differents parts :

Example Armor part Specific letter Visual Slot index vP (debug command) type
icfahv Vest v 1 0
icfahp Pants p 2 1
icfahh Helmet h 3 3
icfahs Sleeves s 4 2
icfahg Gloves g 6 7
icfahb Boots b 7 6

Note : the visual slot 5 is for visage (fyros/matis/zorai/tryker), and the vP type order are just drunk. Note 2 : if you want screen for the regular armor, i recommend looking at [[1]] or [[2]]. TODO : Another page about how a sheetname is ... named (the letter aren't random, for your information :-P)

Available in game

By available in game, i mean in the usual game, so you can either craft them (after learning the stanza in the craft trainer), or loot them (some marauder armor basically).

Racial armor

Light armor

The light armor all have a caster version, but they are exactly the same as the regular armor, except for the pants, who are a robe instead of pants ; this is the only one who has an available crafting stanza ingame (others do have a functional one but it's pretty useless ...).

Origin Name (caster name) Quality/Plan sheetname caster sheetname
Fyros Hoben (Droge) Standard icfalv icfacv
Fyros Hobenus (Drogeus) Medium Quality icfalv_2 icfacv_2
Fyros Hobenyx (Drogyx) High Quality icfalv_3 icfacv_3
Matis Wiva (Vestini) Standard icmalv icmacv
Matis Modi Wiva (Modi Vestini) Medium Quality icmalv_2 icmacv_2
Matis Kara Wiva (Kara Vestini) High Quality icmalv_3 icmacv_3
Tryker Tissan (Lithen) Standard ictalv ictacv
Tryker Lor-Tissan (Lor-Lithen) Medium Quality ictalv_2 ictacv_2
Tryker Ry-Tissan (Ry-Lithen) High Quality ictalv_3 ictacv_3
Zoraï Nin-ka (Lin-ko) Standard iczalv iczacv
Zoraï Li'Nin-ka (Li'Lin-ko) Medium Quality iczalv_2 iczacv_2
Zoraï Zo'Nin-ka (Zo'Lin-ko) High Quality iczalv_3 iczacv_3

Medium armor

Origin Name Quality/Plan sheetname
Fyros Rilon Standard icfamv
Fyros Rilonus Medium Quality icfamv_2
Fyros Rilonyx High Quality icfamv_3
Matis Striva Standard icmamv
Matis Modi Striva Medium Quality icmamv_2
Matis Kara Striva High Quality icmamv_3
Tryker Fabren Standard ictamv
Tryker Lor-Fabren Medium Quality ictamv_2
Tryker Ry-Fabren High Quality ictamv_3
Zoraï Shaï-don Standard iczamv
Zoraï Li'Shaï-don Medium Quality iczamv_2
Zoraï Zo'Shaï-don High Quality iczamv_3

Heavy armor

Origin Name Quality/Plan sheetname
Fyros Kostom Standard icfahv
Fyros Kostomus Medium Quality icfahv_2
Fyros Kostomyx High Quality icfahv_3
Matis Parok Standard icmahv
Matis Modi Parok Medium Quality icmahv_2
Matis Kara Parok High Quality icmahv_3
Tryker Tashok Standard ictahv
Tryker Lor-Tashok Medium Quality ictahv_2
Tryker Ry-Tashok High Quality ictahv_3
Zoraï Tan-ko Standard iczahv
Zoraï Li'Tan-ko Medium Quality iczahv_2
Zoraï Zo'Tan-ko High Quality iczahv_3

Marauder armor

The light armor you loot on the marauder sheetname is iccalv, the heavy armor is iccahv. They have special stats (and name, for the heavy one), but it's something in their sheet server-side probably, can't inspect much on that (and not really interesting anyway).

For the craftable heavy armor, the sheetname is iccahv_b.

PvP caster pants

Kami pants sheetname is ikamacp_ep2_{1,2,3}, Kara pants sheetname is ikaracp_ep2_{1,2,3}, there is also a sheet named iccacp_pvp (i would say it's the marauder robe, but i'm not sure at all). I'm clearly missing some info here :)

Not available in game

Marauder armor

Craftable one

Every marauder actually have a standard sheet / craft stanza ; by standard i mean with exactly the same stats as a racial armor, except for volume (HA only : 20 instead of 7), skin (obviously, marauder skin), action penality (+4 for MA instead of +5, +16 for HA instead of +20) and mat origin (generic / base / fine / prime root, like tribe weapon). You need as much mats as a plan 1 armor, except for HA armor, where you need 9/8/7/2 for helmet/vest/pants, 6/5/4/2 for sleeves/boots/gloves.

All of the craft stanza are missing translation, and most of the armor item don't have one, either.

Armor type Part sheetname craft plan sheetname
Light Vest iccalv bccae09
Light Pants iccalp bccae10
Light Caster pants iccacp bccae19
Light Sleeves iccals bccae11
Light Gloves iccalg bccae08
Light Boots iccalb bccae07
Medium Vest iccamv bccae16
Medium Pants iccamp bccae14
Medium Sleeves iccams bccae15
Medium Gloves iccamg bccae13
Medium Boots iccamb bccae12
Heavy Vest iccahv bccae06
Heavy Pants iccahp bccae04
Heavy Helmet iccahh bccae03
Heavy Sleeves iccahs bccae05
Heavy Gloves iccahg bccae02
Heavy Boots iccahb bccae01

Other interesting marauder armor

There is 12 other marauder armor, which are the one the NPC are wearing, i believe : icca{l/m/h}v_boss_{fyros,matis,tryker,zorai}_e1 for light/medium/heavy armor, also the caster pants : iccacp_boss_{fyros,matis,tryker,zorai}_e1. They can't be popped in bag, must have a special sheet or something. Visually they are the same, except for the helmet (which is a fancy haircut :-P)

Leader armor

Origin sheetname sheetname of haircut screenshot
Fyros (Dexton) icfahv_leader01 fy_leader_01 Dexton.JPG
Matis (Yrkanis) icmahv_leader_01 ma_leader_01  ??
Tryker (Still Wyler) ictamv_leader01 tr_leader_01  ??
Zoraï (Mabreka-Cho iczacv_leader01 zo_leader_01 Mabreka.JPG

Refugee armor

There is 8 different armor who can be created into a player inventory, one for each color : icrav{a,e,g,r,t,u,v,w} for black/beige/green/red/teal/blue/violet/white}. They can also be crafted ; there is a plan for every color, but actually with a "white boots" plan you can craft all colors so here are the "black" craft plan :

  • bcraea01 for boots
  • bcraea10 for gloves
  • bcraea18 for pants
  • bcraea26 for sleeves
  • bcraea34 for vest

Misc stuff

Underwear for everyone !

You might have seen that in game, but you can have a different underwear than the one from your race (some tryker short has been available during christmas 2012, maybe 2013 for example). The sheetname are ig{f,m,t,z}vu, for fyros/matis/tryker/zorai. Not much to say here :) some examples (matis underwear on a fyros toon) :

matisdevant.jpg matisderriere.jpg

These obviously don't have a craft plan, and only the pants seems to actually have a visual effect (the other will just make your toon naked).

Strange helmet

There is 5 strange helmet, who looks like plan 1 helmet (except the kara one who look ... kara) ; the sheetname are {fy,ka,ma,tr,zo}_helmet_01 for fyros/kara/matis/tryker/zoraï.

Kara armor

Yes, you read good, karavan armor on homin :D It's only visual though, neither the item nor the craft stanza exists (it's visually working on homin because i guess it was easier for the Karavan NPC to create an armor you could put on a standard NPC).

Armor sheetname Screen on a male toon Screen on a female toon
ikarasv ikarasv.jpg ikarasv.jpg
ikarabv ikarabv.jpg ikarabv.jpg
ikaracv ikaracv.jpg ikaracv.jpg
ikaraev ikaraev.jpg ikaraev.jpg
ikaramv ikaramv.jpg ikaramv.jpg
ikaratv ikaratv.jpg ikaratv.jpg
ikarasv_b ikarasv_b.jpg ikarasv_b.jpg
ikarasv_j ikarasv_j.jpg ikarasv_j.jpg
ikarasv_r ikarasv_r.jpg ikarasv_r.jpg
ikaraav ikaraav.jpg ikaraav.jpg
ikamav ikamaav.jpg ikamaav.jpg

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