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Übersetzung , bitte.


Traducción, por favor.


Traduction, SVP.


перевод, пожалуйста.


For each weapon ingame, there is three plan, one per tribe (like the low/medium/high quality plan for usual weapons). 2 of this plan are already used by the tekorn / vedice weapon (plan 2 for tekorn, 3 for the vedice). You need as much mats as an OP weapon, they have the same HP, and standard stats.

The main difference is that the volume is twice as high compared to a standard weapon, they have a stamina / life additional bonus equal to the weapon quality (except for staff who can have sap bonus) and you can't use any nation mats (so it's only generic / base / fine / prime roots mats).

Are only listed here items with a skin IG. Some of them have a skin but the sheet is troublesome server-side (can't pop the item in the bag), but we have the .shape and the texture, so it's ok (only need to adjust the sheet to use the item). There is also craft stanza for bucklers, and 2 of the 3 big shield, but without the matching item in game (the models seems to be in the asset, we "just" need to find it).

It's worth saying that generic plan on the list should all have a craft stanza linked to them, it could be interesting to add them ingame.

Tribe right hand weapon

Tribe name Name of the item sheet_id of the item brick name (crafting plan) screenshot
Sacred Sap Nanka Mace of the Sacred Sap icbm1bm bcbmea08 Icbm1bm.jpg
Black Circle Nanka Mace of the Black Circle icbm1bm_2 bcbmea08_2 Icbm1bm 2.jpg
Gibads Nanka Mace of the Gibads icbm1bm_3 bcbmea08_3 Icbm1bm 3.jpg
Eternal Tree Eternal Tree Shopan Shaft icbm1bs bcbmea09 Icbm1bs.jpg
Sap Gleaners Shopan Staff of the Sap Gleaners icbm1bs_2 bcbmea09_2 Icbm1bs 2.jpg
Masters of the Goo Shopan Staff of the Masters of the Goo icbm1bs_3 bcbmea09_3 Icbm1bs 3.jpg
Corsairs Fyler Dagger of the Corsairs icbm1pd bcbmea06 Icbm1pd.jpg
Goo Heads Fyler Dagger of the Goo Heads icbm1pd_2 bcbmea06_2 Icbm1pd 2.jpg
Cuzans Fyler Dagger of the Cuzans icbm1pd_3 bcbmea06_3 Icbm1pd 3.jpg
Hamazans Palor Spear of the Hamazans icbm1ps bcbmea07 Icbm1ps.jpg
Arid Matis Palor Spear of The Arid Matis icbm1ps_2 bcbmea07_2 Icbm1ps 2.jpg
Sap Slaves Palor Spear of the Sap Slaves icbm1ps_3 bcbmea07_3 Icbm1ps 3.jpg
Leviers Cleven Axe of the Leviers icbm1sa bcbmea05 Icbm1sa.jpg
Renegades Cleven Axe of the Renegades icbm1sa_2 bcbmea05_2 Icbm1sa 2.jpg
Fraiders Cleven Axe of the Fraiders icbm1sa_3 bcbmea05_3 Icbm1sa 3.jpg
Smugglers Tanner Sword of the Smugglers icbm1ss bcbmea10 Icbm1ss.jpg
Slash and Burn Tanner Sword of the Slash and Burn icbm1ss_2 bcbmea10_2 Icbm1ss 2.jpg
Lagoon Brothers Tanner Sword of the Lagoon Brothers icbm1ss_3 bcbmea10_3 Icbm1ss 3.jpg
Tutors Kanka Mace of the Tutors icbm2bm bcbmea03 Icbm2bm.jpg
Recoverers Kanka Mace of the Recoverers icbm2bm_2 bcbmea03_2 Icbm2bm 2.jpg
Border Guards Krop Pike of the Border Guards icbm2pp bcbmea02 Icbm2pp.jpg
Kitin Gatherers Krop Pike of the Kitin Gatherers icbm2pp_2 bcbmea02_2 Icbm2pp 2.jpg
Ancient Dryads Krop Pike of the Ancient Dryads icbm2pp_3 bcbmea02_3 Icbm2pp 3.jpg
Barkers Retch Axe of the Barkers icbm2sa bcbmea01 Icbm2sa.jpg
Woven Bridles Retch Axe of the Woven Bridles icbm2sa_2 bcbmea01_2 Icbm2sa 2.jpg
Watchers Retch Axe of the Watchers icbm2sa_3 bcbmea01_3 Icbm2sa 3.jpg
Silt Sculptors Flence Sword of the Silt Sculptors icbm2ss bcbmea04 Icbm2ss.jpg
Ecowarriors Flence Sword of the Ecowarriors icbm2ss_2 bcbmea04_2 Icbm2ss 2.jpg
Green Seeds Fletcher Bowpistol of the Green Seeds icbr1b bcbrea05 Icbr1b.jpg
Chlorogoos Fletcher Bowpistol of the Chlorogoos icbr1b_2 bcbrea05_2 Icbr1b 2.jpg
Cockroaches Fletcher Bowpistol of the Cockroaches icbr1b_3 bcbrea05_3 Icbr1b 3.jpg
First Deserters Maka Pistol of the First Deserters icbr1p bcbrea04 Icbr1p.jpg
Darkening Sap Maka Pistol of the Darkening Sap icbr1p_2 bcbrea04_2 Icbr1p 2.jpg
Slavers Maka Pistol of the Slavers icbr1p_3 bcbrea04_3 Icbr1p 3.jpg
Night Turners Fraser Autolauncher of the Night Turners icbr2a bcbrea01 Icbr2a.jpg
Dune Riders Fraser Autolauncher of the Dune Riders icbr2a_2 bcbrea01_2 Icbr2a 2.jpg
Firebrands Fraser Autolauncher of the Firebrands icbr2a_3 bcbrea01_3 Icbr2a 3.jpg
Siblings of the Weeds Ma-Kam Bowrifle of the Siblings of the Weeds icbr2b bcbrea02 Icbr2b.jpg
Antikamis Ma-Kam Bowrifle of the Antikamis icbr2b_2 bcbrea02_2 Icbr2b 2.jpg
Keepers Ma-Kam Bowrifle of the Keepers icbr2b_3 bcbrea02_3 Icbr2b 3.jpg
Frahar Hunters Brazer Launcher of the Frahar Hunters icbr2l bcbrea03 Icbr2l.jpg
Lawless Brazer Launcher of the Lawless icbr2l_2 bcbrea03_2 Icbr2l 2.jpg
Shadow Runners Boomer Rifle of the Shadow Runners icbr2r bcbrea06 Icbr2r.jpg
Kuilde Boomer Rifle of the Kuilde icbr2r_2 bcbrea06_2 Icbr2r 2.jpg
Root Tappers Boomer Rifle of the Root Tappers icbr2r_3 bcbrea06_3 Icbr2r 3.jpg

Tribe left hand weapon

Tribe name Name of the item sheet_id of the item brick name (crafting plan) screenshot
Corsairs Fyler Dagger of the Corsairs icbm1pd bcbmea06 Icbm1pd.jpg
Goo Heads Fyler Dagger of the Goo Heads icbm1pd_2 bcbmea06_2 Icbm1pd 2.jpg
Cuzans Fyler Dagger of the Cuzans icbm1pd_3 bcbmea06_3 Icbm1pd 3.jpg
Oasis Diggers Stok Shield of the Oasis Diggers icbss_3 bcbsea02_3 Icbss 3.jpg

Other right hand weapon

Name of the item sheet_id of the item brick_id of the crafting plan screenshot
No translation for this item null null Null.jpg
Kolton Bowpistol icfr1b bcfrea05 Icfr1b.jpg
Rimel Pistol icfr1p bcfrea04 Icfr1p.jpg
Fraser Autolauncher icfr2a bcfrea01 Icfr2a.jpg
Strabus Bowrifle icfr2b bcfrea02 Icfr2b.jpg
Brazer Launcher icfr2l bcfrea03 Icfr2l.jpg
Strammel Rifle icfr2r bcfrea06 Icfr2r.jpg
Riva Bowpistol icmr1b bcmrea05 Icmr1b.jpg
Maka Pistol icmr1p bcmrea04 Icmr1p.jpg
Morikov Autolauncher icmr2a bcmrea01 Icmr2a.jpg
Polta Bowrifle icmr2b bcmrea02 Icmr2b.jpg
Vulca Launcher icmr2l bcmrea03 Icmr2l.jpg
Stylone Rifle icmr2r bcmrea06 Icmr2r.jpg
Fletcher Bowpistol ictr1b bctrea05 Ictr1b.jpg
Rade Pistol ictr1p bctrea04 Ictr1p.jpg
Rayler Autolauncher ictr2a bctrea01 Ictr2a.jpg
Flunker Bowrifle ictr2b bctrea02 Ictr2b.jpg
Doomer Launcher ictr2l bctrea03 Ictr2l.jpg
Boomer Rifle ictr2r bctrea06 Ictr2r.jpg
Zin-Kan Bowpistol iczr1b bczrea05 Iczr1b.jpg
Tchaï Pistol iczr1p bczrea04 Iczr1p.jpg
Mo-Ka Autolauncher iczr2a bczrea01 Iczr2a.jpg
Ma-Kam Bowrifle iczr2b bczrea02 Iczr2b.jpg
Ba-Zoon Launcher iczr2l bczrea03 Iczr2l.jpg
Shoy-Ton Rifle iczr2r bczrea06 Iczr2r.jpg
Masson Mace icfm1bm bcfmea08 Icfm1bm.jpg
Talus Staff icfm1bs bcfmea09 Icfm1bs.jpg
Jab Dagger icfm1pd bcfmea06 Icfm1pd.jpg
Kronk Spear icfm1ps bcfmea07 Icfm1ps.jpg
Cleven Axe icfm1sa bcfmea05 Icfm1sa.jpg
Blam Sword icfm1ss bcfmea10 Icfm1ss.jpg
Hamp Mace icfm2bm bcfmea03 Icfm2bm.jpg
Retch Axe icfm2sa bcfmea01 Icfm2sa.jpg
Stavon Sword icfm2ss bcfmea04 Icfm2ss.jpg
Bristo Mace icmm1bm bcmmea08 Icmm1bm.jpg
Battoni Staff icmm1bs bcmmea09 Icmm1bs.jpg
Limmel Dagger icmm1pd bcmmea06 Icmm1pd.jpg
Palor Spear icmm1ps bcmmea07 Icmm1ps.jpg
Haque Axe icmm1sa bcmmea05 Icmm1sa.jpg
Klyde Sword icmm1ss bcmmea10 Icmm1ss.jpg
Gondo Mace icmm2bm bcmmea03 Icmm2bm.jpg
Klout Axe icmm2sa bcmmea01 Icmm2sa.jpg
Slathe Sword icmm2ss bcmmea04 Icmm2ss.jpg
Tumbler Mace ictm1bm bctmea08 Ictm1bm.jpg
Brok Staff ictm1bs bctmea09 Ictm1bs.jpg
Fyler Dagger ictm1pd bctmea06 Ictm1pd.jpg
Pyker Spear ictm1ps bctmea07 Ictm1ps.jpg
Lopper Axe ictm1sa bctmea05 Ictm1sa.jpg
Tanner Sword ictm1ss bctmea10 Ictm1ss.jpg
Gaffer Mace ictm2bm bctmea03 Ictm2bm.jpg
Weld Axe ictm2sa bctmea01 Ictm2sa.jpg
Flence Sword ictm2ss bctmea04 Ictm2ss.jpg
Nanka Mace iczm1bm bczmea08 Iczm1bm.jpg
Shopan Staff iczm1bs bczmea09 Iczm1bs.jpg
Lam Dagger iczm1pd bczmea06 Iczm1pd.jpg
Katoo Spear iczm1ps bczmea07 Iczm1ps.jpg
Chok Axe iczm1sa bczmea05 Iczm1sa.jpg
Kovan Sword iczm1ss bczmea10 Iczm1ss.jpg
Kanka Mace iczm2bm bczmea03 Iczm2bm.jpg
Kra-Cho Axe iczm2sa bczmea01 Iczm2sa.jpg
Matchata Sword iczm2ss bczmea04 Iczm2ss.jpg
Crafting Tool for Ammo itammo null Itammo.jpg
Crafting Tool for Jewelry itjewel null Itjewel.jpg
Crafting Tool for Melee Weapons itmwea null Itmwea.jpg
Crafting Tool for Range Weapons itrwea null Itrwea.jpg
Punnel Pike icfm2pp bcfmea02 Icfm2pp.jpg
Krop Pike icmm2pp bcmmea02 Icmm2pp.jpg
Jak Pike ictm2pp bctmea02 Ictm2pp.jpg
Pukatoo Pike iczm2pp bczmea02 Iczm2pp.jpg
Burning Cleven Axe icfm1sab bcfmea11 Icfm1sab.jpg
Burning Retch Axe icfm2sab bcfmea13 Icfm2sab.jpg
Burning Stavon Sword icfm2ssb bcfmea12 Icfm2ssb.jpg
Living Limmel Dagger icmm1pdl bcmmea11 Icmm1pdl.jpg
Electric Katoo Spear iczm1pse bczmea11 Iczm1pse.jpg
Crafting Tool for Armor itarmor null Itarmor.jpg
Pick itforage null Itforage.jpg
Burning Fraser icfr2ab bcfrea07 Icfr2ab.jpg
Burning Brazer icfr2lb bcfrea08 Icfr2lb.jpg
Living Maka Pistol icmr1pl bcmrea07 Icmr1pl.jpg
Living Stylone Rifle icmr2rl bcmrea08 Icmr2rl.jpg
Waving Fletcher Bowpistol ictr1bw bctrea08 Ictr1bw.jpg
Electric Ma-Kam Bowrifle iczr2be bczrea07 Iczr2be.jpg
Electric Ba-Koon Launcher iczr2le bczrea08 Iczr2le.jpg
Living Palor Spear icmm1psl bcmmea14 Icmm1psl.jpg
Living Krop Pike icmm2ppl bcmmea13 Icmm2ppl.jpg
Living Slathe Sword icmm2ssl bcmmea12 Icmm2ssl.jpg
Waving Fyler Dagger ictm1pdw bctmea12 Ictm1pdw.jpg
Waving Tanner Sword ictm1ssw bctmea13 Ictm1ssw.jpg
Waving Flence Sword ictm2ssw bctmea11 Ictm2ssw.jpg
Electric Nanka Mace iczm1bme bczmea13 Iczm1bme.jpg
Electric Kanka Mace iczm2bme bczmea12 Iczm2bme.jpg
Bowpistol iccr1b bccrea05 Iccr1b.jpg
Pistol iccr1p bccrea04 Iccr1p.jpg
Autolauncher iccr2a bccrea01 Iccr2a.jpg
Bowrifle iccr2b bccrea02 Iccr2b.jpg
Launcher iccr2l bccrea03 Iccr2l.jpg
Rifle iccr2r bccrea06 Iccr2r.jpg
Mace iccm1bm bccmea08 Iccm1bm.jpg
Staff iccm1bs bccmea09 Iccm1bs.jpg
Dagger iccm1pd bccmea06 Iccm1pd.jpg
Spear iccm1ps bccmea07 Iccm1ps.jpg
Axe iccm1sa bccmea05 Iccm1sa.jpg
Sword iccm1ss bccmea10 Iccm1ss.jpg
Long Mace iccm2bm bccmea03 Iccm2bm.jpg
Pike iccm2pp bccmea02 Iccm2pp.jpg
Long Axe iccm2sa bccmea01 Iccm2sa.jpg
Long Sword iccm2ss bccmea04 Iccm2ss.jpg
No translation for this item npc_caravan_pistol null Npc caravan pistol.jpg
Koltonus Bowpistol icfr1b_2 bcfrea05_2 Icfr1b 2.jpg
Koltonyx Bowpistol icfr1b_3 bcfrea05_3 Icfr1b 3.jpg
Rimelus Pistol icfr1p_2 bcfrea04_2 Icfr1p 2.jpg
Rimelyx Pistol icfr1p_3 bcfrea04_3 Icfr1p 3.jpg
Fraserus Autolauncher icfr2a_2 bcfrea01_2 Icfr2a 2.jpg
Fraseryx Autolauncher icfr2a_3 bcfrea01_3 Icfr2a 3.jpg
Strabusus Bowrifle icfr2b_2 bcfrea02_2 Icfr2b 2.jpg
Strabusyx Bowrifle icfr2b_3 bcfrea02_3 Icfr2b 3.jpg
Brazerus Launcher icfr2l_2 bcfrea03_2 Icfr2l 2.jpg
Brazeryx Launcher icfr2l_3 bcfrea03_3 Icfr2l 3.jpg
Strammelus Rifle icfr2r_2 bcfrea06_2 Icfr2r 2.jpg
Strammelyx Rifle icfr2r_3 bcfrea06_3 Icfr2r 3.jpg
Modi Riva Bowpistol icmr1b_2 bcmrea05_2 Icmr1b 2.jpg
Kara Riva Bowpistol icmr1b_3 bcmrea05_3 Icmr1b 3.jpg
Modi Maka Pistol icmr1p_2 bcmrea04_2 Icmr1p 2.jpg
Kara Maka Pistol icmr1p_3 bcmrea04_3 Icmr1p 3.jpg
Modi Morikov Autolauncher icmr2a_2 bcmrea01_2 Icmr2a 2.jpg
Kara Morikov Autolauncher icmr2a_3 bcmrea01_3 Icmr2a 3.jpg
Modi Polta Bowrifle icmr2b_2 bcmrea02_2 Icmr2b 2.jpg
Kara Polta Bowrifle icmr2b_3 bcmrea02_3 Icmr2b 3.jpg
Modi Vulca Launcher icmr2l_2 bcmrea03_2 Icmr2l 2.jpg
Kara Vulca Launcher icmr2l_3 bcmrea03_3 Icmr2l 3.jpg
Modi Stylone Rifle icmr2r_2 bcmrea06_2 Icmr2r 2.jpg
Kara Stylone Rifle icmr2r_3 bcmrea06_3 Icmr2r 3.jpg
Lor-Fletcher Bowpistol ictr1b_2 bctrea05_2 Ictr1b 2.jpg
Ry-Fletcher Bowpistol ictr1b_3 bctrea05_3 Ictr1b 3.jpg
Lor-Rade Pistol ictr1p_2 bctrea04_2 Ictr1p 2.jpg
Ry-Rade Pistol ictr1p_3 bctrea04_3 Ictr1p 3.jpg
Lor-Rayler Autolauncher ictr2a_2 bctrea01_2 Ictr2a 2.jpg
Ry-Rayler Autolauncher ictr2a_3 bctrea01_3 Ictr2a 3.jpg
Lor-Flunker Bowrifle ictr2b_2 bctrea02_2 Ictr2b 2.jpg
Ry-Flunker Bowrifle ictr2b_3 bctrea02_3 Ictr2b 3.jpg
Lor-Doomer Launcher ictr2l_2 bctrea03_2 Ictr2l 2.jpg
Ry-Doomer Launcher ictr2l_3 bctrea03_3 Ictr2l 3.jpg
Lor-Boomer Rifle ictr2r_2 bctrea06_2 Ictr2r 2.jpg
Ry-Boomer Rifle ictr2r_3 bctrea06_3 Ictr2r 3.jpg
Li'Zin-Kan Bowpistol iczr1b_2 bczrea05_2 Iczr1b 2.jpg
Zo'Zin-Kan Bowpistol iczr1b_3 bczrea05_3 Iczr1b 3.jpg
Li'Tchaï Pistol iczr1p_2 bczrea04_2 Iczr1p 2.jpg
Zo'Tchaï Pistol iczr1p_3 bczrea04_3 Iczr1p 3.jpg
Li'Mo-Ka Autolauncher iczr2a_2 bczrea01_2 Iczr2a 2.jpg
Zo'Mo-Ka Autolauncher iczr2a_3 bczrea01_3 Iczr2a 3.jpg
Li'Ma-Kam Bowrifle iczr2b_2 bczrea02_2 Iczr2b 2.jpg
Zo'Ma-Kam Bowrifle iczr2b_3 bczrea02_3 Iczr2b 3.jpg
Li'Ba-Zoon Launcher iczr2l_2 bczrea03_2 Iczr2l 2.jpg
Zo'Ba-Zoon Launcher iczr2l_3 bczrea03_3 Iczr2l 3.jpg
Li'Shoy-Ton Rifle iczr2r_2 bczrea06_2 Iczr2r 2.jpg
Zo'Shoy-Ton Rifle iczr2r_3 bczrea06_3 Iczr2r 3.jpg
Massonus Mace icfm1bm_2 bcfmea08_2 Icfm1bm 2.jpg
Massonyx Mace icfm1bm_3 bcfmea08_3 Icfm1bm 3.jpg
Talusus Staff icfm1bs_2 bcfmea09_2 Icfm1bs 2.jpg
Talusyx Staff icfm1bs_3 bcfmea09_3 Icfm1bs 3.jpg
Jabus Dagger icfm1pd_2 bcfmea06_2 Icfm1pd 2.jpg
Jabyx Dagger icfm1pd_3 bcfmea06_3 Icfm1pd 3.jpg
Kronkus Spear icfm1ps_2 bcfmea07_2 Icfm1ps 2.jpg
Kronkyx Spear icfm1ps_3 bcfmea07_3 Icfm1ps 3.jpg
Clevenus Axe icfm1sa_2 bcfmea05_2 Icfm1sa 2.jpg
Clevenyx Axe icfm1sa_3 bcfmea05_3 Icfm1sa 3.jpg
Blamus Sword icfm1ss_2 bcfmea10_2 Icfm1ss 2.jpg
Blamyx Sword icfm1ss_3 bcfmea10_3 Icfm1ss 3.jpg
Hampus Mace icfm2bm_2 bcfmea03_2 Icfm2bm 2.jpg
Hampyx Mace icfm2bm_3 bcfmea03_3 Icfm2bm 3.jpg
Punnelus Pike icfm2pp_2 bcfmea02_2 Icfm2pp 2.jpg
Punnelyx Pike icfm2pp_3 bcfmea02_3 Icfm2pp 3.jpg
Retchus Axe icfm2sa_2 bcfmea01_2 Icfm2sa 2.jpg
Retchyx Axe icfm2sa_3 bcfmea01_3 Icfm2sa 3.jpg
Stavonus Sword icfm2ss_2 bcfmea04_2 Icfm2ss 2.jpg
Stavonyx Sword icfm2ss_3 bcfmea04_3 Icfm2ss 3.jpg
Modi Bristo Mace icmm1bm_2 bcmmea08_2 Icmm1bm 2.jpg
Kara Bristo Mace icmm1bm_3 bcmmea08_3 Icmm1bm 3.jpg
Modi Battoni Staff icmm1bs_2 bcmmea09_2 Icmm1bs 2.jpg
Kara Battoni Staff icmm1bs_3 bcmmea09_3 Icmm1bs 3.jpg
Modi Limmel Dagger icmm1pd_2 bcmmea06_2 Icmm1pd 2.jpg
Kara Limmel Dagger icmm1pd_3 bcmmea06_3 Icmm1pd 3.jpg
Modi Palor Spear icmm1ps_2 bcmmea07_2 Icmm1ps 2.jpg
Kara Palor Spear icmm1ps_3 bcmmea07_3 Icmm1ps 3.jpg
Modi Haque Axe icmm1sa_2 bcmmea05_2 Icmm1sa 2.jpg
Kara Haque Axe icmm1sa_3 bcmmea05_3 Icmm1sa 3.jpg
Modi Klyde Sword icmm1ss_2 bcmmea10_2 Icmm1ss 2.jpg
Kara Klyde Sword icmm1ss_3 bcmmea10_3 Icmm1ss 3.jpg
Modi Gondo Mace icmm2bm_2 bcmmea03_2 Icmm2bm 2.jpg
Kara Gondo Mace icmm2bm_3 bcmmea03_3 Icmm2bm 3.jpg
Modi Krop Pike icmm2pp_2 bcmmea02_2 Icmm2pp 2.jpg
Kara Krop Pike icmm2pp_3 bcmmea02_3 Icmm2pp 3.jpg
Modi Klout Axe icmm2sa_2 bcmmea01_2 Icmm2sa 2.jpg
Kara Klout Axe icmm2sa_3 bcmmea01_3 Icmm2sa 3.jpg
Modi Slathe Sword icmm2ss_2 bcmmea04_2 Icmm2ss 2.jpg
Kara Slathe Sword icmm2ss_3 bcmmea04_3 Icmm2ss 3.jpg
Lor-Tumbler Mace ictm1bm_2 bctmea08_2 Ictm1bm 2.jpg
Ry-Tumbler Mace ictm1bm_3 bctmea08_3 Ictm1bm 3.jpg
Lor-Brok Staff ictm1bs_2 bctmea09_2 Ictm1bs 2.jpg
Ry-Brok Staff ictm1bs_3 bctmea09_3 Ictm1bs 3.jpg
Lor-Fyler Dagger ictm1pd_2 bctmea06_2 Ictm1pd 2.jpg
Ry-Fyler Dagger ictm1pd_3 bctmea06_3 Ictm1pd 3.jpg
Lor-Pyker Spear ictm1ps_2 bctmea07_2 Ictm1ps 2.jpg
Ry-Pyker Spear ictm1ps_3 bctmea07_3 Ictm1ps 3.jpg
Lor-Lopper Axe ictm1sa_2 bctmea05_2 Ictm1sa 2.jpg
Ry-Lopper Axe ictm1sa_3 bctmea05_3 Ictm1sa 3.jpg
Lor-Tanner Sword ictm1ss_2 bctmea10_2 Ictm1ss 2.jpg
Ry-Tanner Sword ictm1ss_3 bctmea10_3 Ictm1ss 3.jpg
Lor-Gaffer Mace ictm2bm_2 bctmea03_2 Ictm2bm 2.jpg
Ry-Gaffer Mace ictm2bm_3 bctmea03_3 Ictm2bm 3.jpg
Lor-Jak Pike ictm2pp_2 bctmea02_2 Ictm2pp 2.jpg
Ry-Jak Pike ictm2pp_3 bctmea02_3 Ictm2pp 3.jpg
Lor-Weld Axe ictm2sa_2 bctmea01_2 Ictm2sa 2.jpg
Ry-Weld Axe ictm2sa_3 bctmea01_3 Ictm2sa 3.jpg
Lor-Flence Sword ictm2ss_2 bctmea04_2 Ictm2ss 2.jpg
Ry-Flence Sword ictm2ss_3 bctmea04_3 Ictm2ss 3.jpg
Li'Nanka Mace iczm1bm_2 bczmea08_2 Iczm1bm 2.jpg
Zo'Nanka Mace iczm1bm_3 bczmea08_3 Iczm1bm 3.jpg
Li'Shopan Staff iczm1bs_2 bczmea09_2 Iczm1bs 2.jpg
Zo'Shopan Staff iczm1bs_3 bczmea09_3 Iczm1bs 3.jpg
Li'Lam Dagger iczm1pd_2 bczmea06_2 Iczm1pd 2.jpg
Zo'Lam Dagger iczm1pd_3 bczmea06_3 Iczm1pd 3.jpg
Li'Katoo Spear iczm1ps_2 bczmea07_2 Iczm1ps 2.jpg
Zo'Katoo Spear iczm1ps_3 bczmea07_3 Iczm1ps 3.jpg
Li'Chok Axe iczm1sa_2 bczmea05_2 Iczm1sa 2.jpg
Zo'Chok Axe iczm1sa_3 bczmea05_3 Iczm1sa 3.jpg
Li'Kovan Sword iczm1ss_2 bczmea10_2 Iczm1ss 2.jpg
Zo'Kovan Sword iczm1ss_3 bczmea10_3 Iczm1ss 3.jpg
Li'Kanka Mace iczm2bm_2 bczmea03_2 Iczm2bm 2.jpg
Zo'Kanka Mace iczm2bm_3 bczmea03_3 Iczm2bm 3.jpg
Li'Pukatoo Pike iczm2pp_2 bczmea02_2 Iczm2pp 2.jpg
Zo'Pukatoo Pike iczm2pp_3 bczmea02_3 Iczm2pp 3.jpg
Li'Kra-Cho Axe iczm2sa_2 bczmea01_2 Iczm2sa 2.jpg
Zo'Kra-Cho Axe iczm2sa_3 bczmea01_3 Iczm2sa 3.jpg
Li'Matchata Sword iczm2ss_2 bczmea04_2 Iczm2ss 2.jpg
Zo'Matchata Sword iczm2ss_3 bczmea04_3 Iczm2ss 3.jpg
Fyros Magic Amplifier icfm2ms bcfmea15 Icfm2ms.jpg
Medium Quality Fyros Magic Amplifier icfm2ms_2 bcfmea15_2 Icfm2ms 2.jpg
High Quality Fyros Magic Amplifier icfm2ms_3 bcfmea15_3 Icfm2ms 3.jpg
Matis Magic Amplifier icmm2ms bcmmea15 Icmm2ms.jpg
Medium Quality Matis Magic Amplifier icmm2ms_2 bcmmea15_2 Icmm2ms 2.jpg
High Quality Matis Magic Amplifier icmm2ms_3 bcmmea15_3 Icmm2ms 3.jpg
Tryker Magic Amplifier ictm2ms bctmea15 Ictm2ms.jpg
Medium Quality Tryker Magic Amplifier ictm2ms_2 bctmea15_2 Ictm2ms 2.jpg
High Quality Tryker Magic Amplifier ictm2ms_3 bctmea15_3 Ictm2ms 3.jpg
Zoraï Magic Amplifier iczm2ms bczmea15 Iczm2ms.jpg
Medium Quality Zoraï Magic Amplifier iczm2ms_2 bczmea15_2 Iczm2ms 2.jpg
High Quality Zoraï Magic Amplifier iczm2ms_3 bczmea15_3 Iczm2ms 3.jpg
Magic Amplifier iccm2ms bccmea15 Iccm2ms.jpg
No translation for this item icbm2bm_3 bcbmea03_3 Icbm2bm 3.jpg
No translation for this item icbm2ss_3 bcbmea04_3 Icbm2ss 3.jpg
No translation for this item icbr2l_3 bcbrea03_3 Icbr2l 3.jpg
Refugee Crafting Tool for Ammo itrtam null Itrtam.jpg
Refugee Crafting Tool for Armor itrtar null Itrtar.jpg
Refugee Crafting Tool for Jewelry itrtje null Itrtje.jpg
Refugee Crafting Tool for Melee Weapons itrtmw null Itrtmw.jpg
Refugee Crafting Tool for Range Weapons itrtrw null Itrtrw.jpg
Refugee Foraging Tool itrtfo null Itrtfo.jpg
Refugee Dagger icrm1pd bcrmea06 Icrm1pd.jpg
Refugee Sword icrm1ss bcrmea10 Icrm1ss.jpg
Refugee Magic Amplifier icrm2ms bcrmea15 Icrm2ms.jpg
Fyros Game Master Banner fy_banner_gm null Fy banner gm.jpg
Fyros Guide Banner fy_banner_gu null Fy banner gu.jpg
Fyros Senior Game Master Banner fy_banner_sgm null Fy banner sgm.jpg
Fyros Senior Guide Banner fy_banner_sgu null Fy banner sgu.jpg
Matis Game Master Banner ma_banner_gm null Ma banner gm.jpg
Matis Guide Banner ma_banner_gu null Ma banner gu.jpg
Matis Senior Game Master Banner ma_banner_sgm null Ma banner sgm.jpg
Matis Senior Guide Banner ma_banner_sgu null Ma banner sgu.jpg
Tryker Game Master Banner tr_banner_gm null Tr banner gm.jpg
Tryker Guide Banner tr_banner_gu null Tr banner gu.jpg
Tryker Senior Game Master Banner tr_banner_sgm null Tr banner sgm.jpg
Tryker Senior Guide Banner tr_banner_sgu null Tr banner sgu.jpg
Zoraï Game Master Banner zo_banner_gm null Zo banner gm.jpg
Zoraï Guide Banner zo_banner_gu null Zo banner gu.jpg
Zoraï Senior Game Master Banner zo_banner_sgm null Zo banner sgm.jpg
Zoraï Senior Guide Banner zo_banner_sgu null Zo banner sgu.jpg
Candy Cane ic_candy_stick bccmea16 Ic candy stick.jpg
No translation for this item ickamm2ms bccmea03 Ickamm2ms.jpg
No translation for this item ickamm2ms_2 bccmea03 Ickamm2ms 2.jpg
No translation for this item ickamm2ms_3 bccmea03 Ickamm2ms 3.jpg
No translation for this item ickarm2ms bccmea03 Ickarm2ms.jpg
No translation for this item ickarm2ms_2 bccmea03 Ickarm2ms 2.jpg
No translation for this item ickarm2ms_3 bccmea03 Ickarm2ms 3.jpg
No translation for this item ichm2bm_hom bccmea03 Ichm2bm hom.jpg
No translation for this item ichm2bm_kam bccmea03 Ichm2bm kam.jpg
No translation for this item ichm2bm_kar bccmea03 Ichm2bm kar.jpg
No translation for this item ichm2bm_kit bccmea03 Ichm2bm kit.jpg
No translation for this item ichm2pp_hom bccmea03 Ichm2pp hom.jpg
No translation for this item ichm2pp_kam bccmea03 Ichm2pp kam.jpg
No translation for this item ichm2pp_kar bccmea03 Ichm2pp kar.jpg
No translation for this item ichm2pp_kit bccmea03 Ichm2pp kit.jpg
No translation for this item ichm2ss_hom bccmea03 Ichm2ss hom.jpg
No translation for this item ichm2ss_kam bccmea03 Ichm2ss kam.jpg
No translation for this item ichm2ss_kar bccmea03 Ichm2ss kar.jpg
No translation for this item ichm2ss_kit bccmea03 Ichm2ss kit.jpg
Kamist Pick itforagekam_ep2_1 null Itforagekam ep2 1.jpg
Kamist Pick itforagekam_ep2_2 null Itforagekam ep2 2.jpg
Kamist Pick itforagekam_ep2_3 null Itforagekam ep2 3.jpg
Karavaneer Pick itforagekar_ep2_1 null Itforagekar ep2 1.jpg
Karavaneer Pick itforagekar_ep2_2 null Itforagekar ep2 2.jpg
Karavaneer Pick itforagekar_ep2_3 null Itforagekar ep2 3.jpg
Dexton Long Sword fy_weapon_leader_dexton null Fy weapon leader dexton.jpg
Yrkanis Pike ma_weapon_leader_yrkanis null Ma weapon leader yrkanis.jpg
Still Wyler Pike tr_weapon_leader_still_wyler null Tr weapon leader still wyler.jpg
Mabreka Mace zo_weapon_leader_mabreka null Zo weapon leader mabreka.jpg
Tekorn-Duk Mace icokamm1bm_1 bcokamem1bm_1 Icokamm1bm 1.jpg
Vedice-Duk Mace icokamm1bm_2 bcokamem1bm_2 Icokamm1bm 2.jpg
Tekorn-Duk Staff icokamm1bs_1 bcokamem1bs_1 Icokamm1bs 1.jpg
Vedice-Duk Staff icokamm1bs_2 bcokamem1bs_2 Icokamm1bs 2.jpg
Tekorn-Duk Dagger icokamm1pd_1 bcokamem1pd_1 Icokamm1pd 1.jpg
Vedice-Duk Dagger icokamm1pd_2 bcokamem1pd_2 Icokamm1pd 2.jpg
Tekorn-Duk Spear icokamm1ps_1 bcokamem1ps_1 Icokamm1ps 1.jpg
Vedice-Duk Spear icokamm1ps_2 bcokamem1ps_2 Icokamm1ps 2.jpg
Tekorn-Duk Axe icokamm1sa_1 bcokamem1sa_1 Icokamm1sa 1.jpg
Vedice-Duk Axe icokamm1sa_2 bcokamem1sa_2 Icokamm1sa 2.jpg
Tekorn-Duk Sword icokamm1ss_1 bcokamem1ss_1 Icokamm1ss 1.jpg
Vedice-Duk Sword icokamm1ss_2 bcokamem1ss_2 Icokamm1ss 2.jpg
Tekorn-Duk Two-handed Mace icokamm2bm_1 bcokamem2bm_1 Icokamm2bm 1.jpg
Vedice-Duk Two-handed Mace icokamm2bm_2 bcokamem2bm_2 Icokamm2bm 2.jpg
Maga-Duk Magic Amplifier icokamm2ms_1 bcokamem2ms_1 Icokamm2ms 1.jpg
Cheng-Duk Magic Amplifier icokamm2ms_2 bcokamem2ms_2 Icokamm2ms 2.jpg
Tekorn-Duk Pike icokamm2pp_1 bcokamem2pp_1 Icokamm2pp 1.jpg
Vedice-Duk Pike icokamm2pp_2 bcokamem2pp_2 Icokamm2pp 2.jpg
Tekorn-Duk Two-handed Axe icokamm2sa_1 bcokamem2sa_1 Icokamm2sa 1.jpg
Vedice-Duk Two-handed Axe icokamm2sa_2 bcokamem2sa_2 Icokamm2sa 2.jpg
Tekorn-Duk Two-handed Sword icokamm2ss_1 bcokamem2ss_1 Icokamm2ss 1.jpg
Vedice-Duk Two-handed Sword icokamm2ss_2 bcokamem2ss_2 Icokamm2ss 2.jpg
Tekorn-Jen Mace icokarm1bm_1 bcokarem1bm_1 Icokarm1bm 1.jpg
Vedice-Jen Mace icokarm1bm_2 bcokarem1bm_2 Icokarm1bm 2.jpg
Tekorn-Jen Staff icokarm1bs_1 bcokarem1bs_1 Icokarm1bs 1.jpg
Vedice-Jen Staff icokarm1bs_2 bcokarem1bs_2 Icokarm1bs 2.jpg
Tekorn-Jen Dagger icokarm1pd_1 bcokarem1pd_1 Icokarm1pd 1.jpg
Vedice-Jen Dagger icokarm1pd_2 bcokarem1pd_2 Icokarm1pd 2.jpg
Tekorn-Jen Spear icokarm1ps_1 bcokarem1ps_1 Icokarm1ps 1.jpg
Vedice-Jen Spear icokarm1ps_2 bcokarem1ps_2 Icokarm1ps 2.jpg
Tekorn-Jen Axe icokarm1sa_1 bcokarem1sa_1 Icokarm1sa 1.jpg
Vedice-Jen Axe icokarm1sa_2 bcokarem1sa_2 Icokarm1sa 2.jpg
Tekorn-Jen Sword icokarm1ss_1 bcokarem1ss_1 Icokarm1ss 1.jpg
Vedice-Jen Sword icokarm1ss_2 bcokarem1ss_2 Icokarm1ss 2.jpg
Tekorn-Jen Two-handed Mace icokarm2bm_1 bcokarem2bm_1 Icokarm2bm 1.jpg
Vedice-Jen Two-handed Mace icokarm2bm_2 bcokarem2bm_2 Icokarm2bm 2.jpg
Maga-Jen Magic Amplifier icokarm2ms_1 bcokarem2ms_1 Icokarm2ms 1.jpg
Cheng-Jen Magic Amplifier icokarm2ms_2 bcokarem2ms_2 Icokarm2ms 2.jpg
Tekorn-Jen Pike icokarm2pp_1 bcokarem2pp_1 Icokarm2pp 1.jpg
Vedice-Jen Pike icokarm2pp_2 bcokarem2pp_2 Icokarm2pp 2.jpg
Tekorn-Jen Two-handed Axe icokarm2sa_1 bcokarem2sa_1 Icokarm2sa 1.jpg
Vedice-Jen Two-handed Axe icokarm2sa_2 bcokarem2sa_2 Icokarm2sa 2.jpg
Tekorn-Jen Two-handed Sword icokarm2ss_1 bcokarem2ss_1 Icokarm2ss 1.jpg
Vedice-Jen Two-handed Sword icokarm2ss_2 bcokarem2ss_2 Icokarm2ss 2.jpg
Tekorn-Duk Bowpistol icokamr1b_1 bcokamer1b_1 Icokamr1b 1.jpg
Vedice-Duk Bowpistol icokamr1b_2 bcokamer1b_2 Icokamr1b 2.jpg
Tekorn-Duk Pistol icokamr1p_1 bcokamer1p_1 Icokamr1p 1.jpg
Vedice-Duk Pistol icokamr1p_2 bcokamer1p_2 Icokamr1p 2.jpg
Tekorn-Duk Autolauncher icokamr2a_1 bcokamer2a_1 Icokamr2a 1.jpg
Vedice-Duk Autolauncher icokamr2a_2 bcokamer2a_2 Icokamr2a 2.jpg
Tekorn-Duk Bowrifle icokamr2b_1 bcokamer2b_1 Icokamr2b 1.jpg
Vedice-Duk Bowrifle icokamr2b_2 bcokamer2b_2 Icokamr2b 2.jpg
Tekorn-Duk Launcher icokamr2l_1 bcokamer2l_1 Icokamr2l 1.jpg
Vedice-Duk Launcher icokamr2l_2 bcokamer2l_2 Icokamr2l 2.jpg
Tekorn-Duk Rifle icokamr2r_1 bcokamer2r_1 Icokamr2r 1.jpg
Vedice-Duk Rifle icokamr2r_2 bcokamer2r_2 Icokamr2r 2.jpg
Tekorn-Jen Bowpistol icokarr1b_1 bcokarer1b_1 Icokarr1b 1.jpg
Vedice-Jen Bowpistol icokarr1b_2 bcokarer1b_2 Icokarr1b 2.jpg
Tekorn-Jen Pistol icokarr1p_1 bcokarer1p_1 Icokarr1p 1.jpg
Vedice-Jen Pistol icokarr1p_2 bcokarer1p_2 Icokarr1p 2.jpg
Tekorn-Jen Autolauncher icokarr2a_1 bcokarer2a_1 Icokarr2a 1.jpg
Vedice-Jen Autolauncher icokarr2a_2 bcokarer2a_2 Icokarr2a 2.jpg
Tekorn-Jen Bowrifle icokarr2b_1 bcokarer2b_1 Icokarr2b 1.jpg
Vedice-Jen Bowrifle icokarr2b_2 bcokarer2b_2 Icokarr2b 2.jpg
Tekorn-Jen Launcher icokarr2l_1 bcokarer2l_1 Icokarr2l 1.jpg
Vedice-Jen Launcher icokarr2l_2 bcokarer2l_2 Icokarr2l 2.jpg
Tekorn-Jen Rifle icokarr2r_1 bcokarer2r_1 Icokarr2r 1.jpg
Vedice-Jen Rifle icokarr2r_2 bcokarer2r_2 Icokarr2r 2.jpg
Armilo-Duk Ammo Crafting Tool icokamtammo_1 bcokametammo_1 Icokamtammo 1.jpg
Rubbarn-Duk Ammo Crafting Tool icokamtammo_2 bcokametammo_2 Icokamtammo 2.jpg
Armilo-Duk Armor Crafting Tool icokamtarmor_1 bcokametarmor_1 Icokamtarmor 1.jpg
Rubbarn-Duk Armor Crafting Tool icokamtarmor_2 bcokametarmor_2 Icokamtarmor 2.jpg
Armilo-Duk Jewel Crafting Tool icokamtjewel_1 bcokametjewel_1 Icokamtjewel 1.jpg
Rubbarn-Duk Jewel Crafting Tool icokamtjewel_2 bcokametjewel_2 Icokamtjewel 2.jpg
Armilo-Duk Melee Weapon Crafting Tool icokamtmwea_1 bcokametmwea_1 Icokamtmwea 1.jpg
Rubbarn-Duk Melee Weapon Crafting Tool icokamtmwea_2 bcokametmwea_2 Icokamtmwea 2.jpg
Armilo-Duk Range Weapon Crafting Tool icokamtrwea_1 bcokametrwea_1 Icokamtrwea 1.jpg
Rubbarn-Duk Range Weapon Crafting Tool icokamtrwea_2 bcokametrwea_2 Icokamtrwea 2.jpg
Armilo-Jen Ammo Crafting Tool icokartammo_1 bcokaretammo_1 Icokartammo 1.jpg
Rubbarn-Jen Ammo Crafting Tool icokartammo_2 bcokaretammo_2 Icokartammo 2.jpg
Armilo-Jen Armor Crafting Tool icokartarmor_1 bcokaretarmor_1 Icokartarmor 1.jpg
Rubbarn-Jen Armor Crafting Tool icokartarmor_2 bcokaretarmor_2 Icokartarmor 2.jpg
Armilo-Jen Jewel Crafting Tool icokartjewel_1 bcokaretjewel_1 Icokartjewel 1.jpg
Rubbarn-Jen Jewel Crafting Tool icokartjewel_2 bcokaretjewel_2 Icokartjewel 2.jpg
Armilo-Jen Melee Weapon Crafting Tool icokartmwea_1 bcokaretmwea_1 Icokartmwea 1.jpg
Rubbarn-Jen Melee Weapon Crafting Tool icokartmwea_2 bcokaretmwea_2 Icokartmwea 2.jpg
Armilo-Jen Range Weapon Crafting Tool icokartrwea_1 bcokaretrwea_1 Icokartrwea 1.jpg
Rubbarn-Jen Range Weapon Crafting Tool icokartrwea_2 bcokaretrwea_2 Icokartrwea 2.jpg
Greslin-Duk Pick icokamtforage_1 bcokametforage_1 Icokamtforage 1.jpg
Egiros-Duk Pick icokamtforage_2 bcokametforage_2 Icokamtforage 2.jpg
Greslin-Jen Pick icokartforage_1 bcokaretforage_1 Icokartforage 1.jpg
Egiros-Jen Pick icokartforage_2 bcokaretforage_2 Icokartforage 2.jpg
Tool Crafting Tool ittool null Ittool.jpg
No translation for this item karavan_gun null Karavan gun.jpg
No translation for this item tcm_louche null Tcm louche.jpg
No translation for this item npc_eroukan_sword bccmea03 Npc eroukan sword.jpg
Teddy teddyubo null Teddyubo.jpg
Ladle louche null Louche.jpg
Merena sfxitforagematis_1 null Sfxitforagematis 1.jpg
Pik sfxitforagetryker_1 null Sfxitforagetryker 1.jpg
Krat itforagefyros_1 null Itforagefyros 1.jpg
Taï-Sui'Kuk sfxitforagezorai_1 null Sfxitforagezorai 1.jpg
Merena itforagematis_1 null Itforagematis 1.jpg
Pik itforagetryker_1 null Itforagetryker 1.jpg
Krat sfxitforagefyros_1 null Sfxitforagefyros 1.jpg
Taï-Sui'Kuk itforagezorai_1 null Itforagezorai 1.jpg
Stick stick_3 null Stick 3.jpg
Grip grip null Grip.jpg
Brush brush_2 null Brush 2.jpg
Brush brush_3 null Brush 3.jpg
Pet Stick petstick_2 null Petstick 2.jpg
Stake stake null Stake.jpg
Pet Stick petstick_3 null Petstick 3.jpg
Cattle Stick cattlestick null Cattlestick.jpg
Stick stick null Stick.jpg
Magic Amplifier iccm2ms_2 bccmea15 Iccm2ms 2.jpg
Mounting Stick mountingstick_2 null Mountingstick 2.jpg
Magic Amplifier iccm2ms_3 bccmea15 Iccm2ms 3.jpg
Mounting Stick mountingstick_3 null Mountingstick 3.jpg
Scraper scraper_2 null Scraper 2.jpg
Chopper chopper_2 null Chopper 2.jpg
Scraper scraper_3 null Scraper 3.jpg
Secator secator_2 null Secator 2.jpg
Chopper chopper_3 null Chopper 3.jpg
Secator secator_3 null Secator 3.jpg
Brush brush null Brush.jpg
Pet Stick petstick null Petstick.jpg
Drill drill_2 null Drill 2.jpg
Drill drill_3 null Drill 3.jpg
Winch winch_2 null Winch 2.jpg
Winch winch_3 null Winch 3.jpg
Mounting Stick mountingstick null Mountingstick.jpg
Scraper scraper null Scraper.jpg
Butcher's Knife chopper null Chopper.jpg
Secator secator null Secator.jpg
Drill drill null Drill.jpg
Winch winch null Winch.jpg
Grip grip_2 null Grip 2.jpg
Grip grip_3 null Grip 3.jpg
Cattle Stick cattlestick_2 null Cattlestick 2.jpg
Cattle Stick cattlestick_3 null Cattlestick 3.jpg
Phial phial null Phial.jpg
Stick stick_2 null Stick 2.jpg
Kit of Supreme Healing medical_kit null Medical kit.jpg
Larvae Phial large_phial null Large phial.jpg
Scroll Making Tool scrollmaker null Scrollmaker.jpg
Butcher's Knife butcher_knife null Butcher knife.jpg
Bucket bucket null Bucket.jpg
Stylus stylet null Stylet.jpg
Trowel itoshovelgarden null Itoshovelgarden.jpg
SGM Jewel Craft Tool icoanimtjewel bcokametjewel_1 Icoanimtjewel.jpg
SGM Armor Craft Tool icoanimtarmor bcokametarmor_1 Icoanimtarmor.jpg
SGM Melee Weapon Craft Tool icoanimtmwea null Icoanimtmwea.jpg
SGM Ammo Craft Tool icoanimtammo bcokaretammo_1 Icoanimtammo.jpg
SGM Range Weapon Craft Tool icoanimtrwea bcokametrwea_1 Icoanimtrwea.jpg
No translation for this item sfxitforagematis_2 null Sfxitforagematis 2.jpg
No translation for this item sfxitforage_pvp null Sfxitforage pvp.jpg
No translation for this item sfxitforagezorai_2 null Sfxitforagezorai 2.jpg
No translation for this item sfxitforage_marauder null Sfxitforage marauder.jpg
No translation for this item sfxitforagefyros2 null Sfxitforagefyros2.jpg
No translation for this item sfxitforagetryker_2 null Sfxitforagetryker 2.jpg

Other left hand weapon

Name of the item sheet_id of the item brick_id of the crafting plan screenshot

No translation for this item null null Null.jpg
Jab Dagger icfm1pd bcfmea06 Icfm1pd.jpg
Limmel Dagger icmm1pd bcmmea06 Icmm1pd.jpg
Fyler Dagger ictm1pd bctmea06 Ictm1pd.jpg
Lam Dagger iczm1pd bczmea06 Iczm1pd.jpg
Blok Buckler icfsb bcfsea01 Icfsb.jpg
Stok Shield icfss bcfsea02 Icfss.jpg
Wod Buckler icmsb bcmsea01 Icmsb.jpg
Takod Shield icmss bcmsea02 Icmss.jpg
Stilten Buckler ictsb bctsea01 Ictsb.jpg
Parper Shield ictss bctsea02 Ictss.jpg
Kastu Buckler iczsb bczsea01 Iczsb.jpg
Pakmon Shield iczss bczsea02 Iczss.jpg
Living Limmel Dagger icmm1pdl bcmmea11 Icmm1pdl.jpg
Waving Fyler Dagger ictm1pdw bctmea12 Ictm1pdw.jpg
Burning Blok icfsbb bcfsea03 Icfsbb.jpg
Living Wod Buckler icmsbl bcmsea03 Icmsbl.jpg
Waving Stilten Buckler ictsbw bctsea03 Ictsbw.jpg
Electric Kastu Buckler iczsbe bczsea03 Iczsbe.jpg
Dagger iccm1pd bccmea06 Iccm1pd.jpg
Buckler iccsb bccsea01 Iccsb.jpg
Shield iccss bccsea02 Iccss.jpg
Jabus Dagger icfm1pd_2 bcfmea06_2 Icfm1pd 2.jpg
Jabyx Dagger icfm1pd_3 bcfmea06_3 Icfm1pd 3.jpg
Modi Limmel Dagger icmm1pd_2 bcmmea06_2 Icmm1pd 2.jpg
Kara Limmel Dagger icmm1pd_3 bcmmea06_3 Icmm1pd 3.jpg
Lor-Fyler Dagger ictm1pd_2 bctmea06_2 Ictm1pd 2.jpg
Ry-Fyler Dagger ictm1pd_3 bctmea06_3 Ictm1pd 3.jpg
Li'Lam Dagger iczm1pd_2 bczmea06_2 Iczm1pd 2.jpg
Zo'Lam Dagger iczm1pd_3 bczmea06_3 Iczm1pd 3.jpg
Blokus Buckler icfsb_2 bcfsea01_2 Icfsb 2.jpg
Blokyx Buckler icfsb_3 bcfsea01_3 Icfsb 3.jpg
Stokus Shield icfss_2 bcfsea02_2 Icfss 2.jpg
Stokyx Shield icfss_3 bcfsea02_3 Icfss 3.jpg
Modi Wod Buckler icmsb_2 bcmsea01_2 Icmsb 2.jpg
Kara Wod Buckler icmsb_3 bcmsea01_3 Icmsb 3.jpg
Modi Takod Shield icmss_2 bcmsea02_2 Icmss 2.jpg
Kara Takod Shield icmss_3 bcmsea02_3 Icmss 3.jpg
Lor-Stilten Buckler ictsb_2 bctsea01_2 Ictsb 2.jpg
Ry-Stilten Buckler ictsb_3 bctsea01_3 Ictsb 3.jpg
Lor-Parper Shield ictss_2 bctsea02_2 Ictss 2.jpg
Ry-Parper Shield ictss_3 bctsea02_3 Ictss 3.jpg
Li'Kastu Buckler iczsb_2 bczsea01_2 Iczsb 2.jpg
Zo'Kastu Buckler iczsb_3 bczsea01_3 Iczsb 3.jpg
Li'Pakmon Shield iczss_2 bczsea02_2 Iczss 2.jpg
Zo'Pakmon Shield iczss_3 bczsea02_3 Iczss 3.jpg
Pre-Order pre_order bccsea03 Pre order.jpg
Refugee Dagger icrm1pd bcrmea06 Icrm1pd.jpg
Kamist Shield ickamss_ep2_1 bckamsea01 Ickamss ep2 1.jpg
Kamist Shield ickamss_ep2_2 bckamsea02 Ickamss ep2 2.jpg
Kamist Shield ickamss_ep2_3 bckamsea03 Ickamss ep2 3.jpg
Karavaneer Shield ickarss_ep2_1 bckarsea01 Ickarss ep2 1.jpg
Karavaneer Shield ickarss_ep2_2 bckarsea02 Ickarss ep2 2.jpg
Karavaneer Shield ickarss_ep2_3 bckarsea03 Ickarss ep2 3.jpg
Tekorn-Duk Dagger icokamm1pd_1 bcokamem1pd_1 Icokamm1pd 1.jpg
Vedice-Duk Dagger icokamm1pd_2 bcokamem1pd_2 Icokamm1pd 2.jpg
Tekorn-Jen Dagger icokarm1pd_1 bcokarem1pd_1 Icokarm1pd 1.jpg
Vedice-Jen Dagger icokarm1pd_2 bcokarem1pd_2 Icokarm1pd 2.jpg
Shield of Prestige casinoshield_pre_order bccsea03 Casinoshield pre order.jpg
No translation for this item icbss_marauder bcbsea02_3 Icbss marauder.jpg
No translation for this item icbss_pvp bcbsea02_3 Icbss pvp.jpg

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