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Übersetzung , bitte.


Traducción, por favor.


перевод, пожалуйста.

Template:Portal/EN News is part of the Ryzom Forge Portal as a section dedicated to display "News" of the Ryzom Forge team.

Please be very carefully managing the Portal because it is the Public Image of Ryzom Forge. Touch only the modifiable part of that page delimited between those 2 lines: <!--⇩↓⇊⇓⬇  ⬇⇓ ⇊↓⇩--> and <!--⇧↑⇈ ⇑⬆  ⬆⇧ ⇈↑⇑--> visible in page edit mode. Do not forget to modify the two letters language code of the categories below.

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перевод, пожалуйста. (Pages of the welcome portal have to be translated before any others. Please edit this here https://en.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/Portal:Forge?from=/wiki/Template:Portal/RU_News )


----- >>> ACCESS ALL NEWS <<<-----

2015/02/20 Sheetids of all spawned objects

See http://forge.ryzom.com/all_spawn/

2015/01/19 Ryzom Forge's meeting: reorganization and openings of the Ryzom teams

See http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/21807/1&post150495=en#25

2014/12/20 Pocket Worlds

See http://forge.ryzom.com/wiki/FR_Pocket_Worlds

2014/11/14 Items for guild halls

Do you dream to furnish and decorate your guild hall? If so, this message is for you!

Guild halls will finally be able to be furnished!

A call is made to all Cabinetmakers, Taxidermists, Sculptors and other artists, but also to all those who have ideas to share, gather around Ryzom Forge to create future objects that will decorate our guild halls.

Additional objects for guild halls, can be added in the same way as for apartments, requiring no patch to be implemented as and when they are created.

What will be the first object you decorate your hall with?

REMINDER: all Ryzom Forge creations will have a CC-by-SA licence.

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