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2015/07/13 Report of Ryzom Forge meeting


2015/02/20 Sheetids of all spawned objects

2015/01/19 Ryzom Forge's meeting: reorganization and openings of the Ryzom teams


2014/12/20 Pocket Worlds


2014/11/14 Items for guild halls

Do you dream to furnish and decorate your guild hall? If so, this message is for you!

Guild halls will finally be able to be furnished!

A call is made to all Cabinetmakers, Taxidermists, Sculptors and other artists, but also to all those who have ideas to share, gather around Ryzom Forge to create future objects that will decorate our guild halls.

Additional objects for guild halls, can be added in the same way as for apartments, requiring no patch to be implemented as and when they are created.

What will be the first object you decorate your hall with?

2014/11/10 [Ryzom Core] v0.11.0 Patch Notes

Ryzom Core v0.11.0 Patchnotes

  • Added FXAA anti-aliasing
  • Support SHA-512 encryption for passwords
  • Removed deprecated DirectInput support
  • Texture RAM configuration defaults x4
  • More updates to Core Studio
  • Allow raw texts in embedded tooltips
  • Fixed server loop scripts

2014/11/06 Client patch to add the new objects

There will have a client patch in february, to add the new objects created by Ryzom Forge.

2014/10/08 Accounts in the server test for Ryzom Forge


2014//09/23 Publication of an article about Ryzom Forge on


2014/09/12 [Ryzom Core] v0.10.0 Patch Notes

Ryzom Core v0.10.0 Patchnotes

  • Ryzom Core Studio moved into it's own directory
  • Various upgrades and bugfixes for Ryzom Core Studio
  • Fixed issue with XRef and zone IG exports
  • Added setup and upgrade tool for web services
  • AMS plugin system merged in
  • Testing and bugfixes for AMS
  • Supports Ubuntu 14.04 LTS server

2014/08/20 [Ryzom Forge] Creation of civilisation flags by Aileya

Civilisation flags, by Aileya

2014/08/01 [Ryzom Forge] An article about Ryzom Forge on

Zagh has pusblished an article (in French) about Ryzom Forge on

2014/07/31 [Ryzom Core] v0.9.1 Patch Notes

Ryzom Core v0.9.1 Patchnotes

  • Fixed export of Skin modifier
  • Fixed crash in export of Physique modifier
  • Use standard defaults for NeL Material script
  • Fixed ligo export when using XRef objects
  • Fixed a crash in object viewer

2014/07/29 [Winch Gate] Ryzom Forge status and tools

Winch Gate believes in Ryzom Forge project and wants to support it giving it all the tools and help useful:

  • About 10 accounts on the Yubo (tests shard), with Event Managers rights to be able to use the technical things, will be given to Ryzom Forge for the tests.
  • ARCC will be included as a Ryzom Forge tool (on Ryzom test server) (not before september). This will permit to add missions and so.
  • The webIg forum ( ) will have a "Ryzom Forge" part as soon as the languages forums will be merged. Our first task is to definite the sub-forums for "Ryzom Forge" part.

=> Ryzom Forge is becoming the hub of Ryzom, linking all the other projects, tools and people.

REMINDER: all Ryzom Forge creations will have a CC-by-SA licence.

Armor process test

Test for the armor process, by Anarkia

2014/07/29 [Winch Gate] ARCC

  • Ulukyn is working on a v4 of ARCC to make it more efficient.
  • An ARCC manual is beeing written by Bepock (FR, from Event Team), not translated yet because WIP: .
  • A more elaborate manual will be written by Bepock when the basic one will be finished.

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