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Basket add.png Function name : weAReceiveItems
WeAReceiveItems IG
WeAReceiveItems script window
  • 1) Received items: Here a soft toy has been added in the bag of the player.
  • 2) Several object may be added. You need at least one. ([commun] tool for multi sub-selections)
  • 3) inventory: Where the object will be stored: the bag, the house, the guild hall, an animal (mektoub riding or pack) or a temporary location.
  • 4) random (Yes / No):
  • 5) askForResponse (Yes / No):
  • 6) isHmagicNextCommand: This is a magical command (Yes / No):
  • 7) [commun] The internal name of the function. This name is useful for jumps, loops ...
  • 8) Parameters: created by the function.
Items window
  • 9) Sheet name
  • 10) Quantity
  • 11) Quality
  • 12) Items in bag.
  • 13) quantity_max
  • 14) quality_max
  • 15) customName
  • 16) customText: Item Description shown in info-menu.

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